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God's Trial, Success, Love, Lust and Self-Sacrifice

God’s Trial, Success, Love, Lust and Self-Sacrifice

Mihaela Hegstrom March 21, 2019

Comprehending the truth behind God’s challenges

Many people often think of the Bible as a best-selling book that’s filled with dynamic characters and amazing stories. But Bible is much more than being a mere book. It teaches people about God and His expectations from the mankind and the way to salvation. Keeping in mind the fact that God’s word is con . . .


Satan, the Concealer of Truth

Mihaela Hegstrom October 15, 2018

Satan, Jesus, Truth, and a powerful poetry

It all started with a single lie. Satan deceived one-third of the angels in heaven that angered the Almighty God and cast them all away from His place (Revelation 12:4–9). Since then, Satan, together with his army of corrupt angels, roamed the earth and spread lies and deceit to all of mankind.

Meanwhile, men� . . .

Listen to the Call of our Almighty Savior

Mihaela Hegstrom October 8, 2018

Respond to His call in times of darkness

Have you ever felt like there is no way out of a place where an extreme sense of anguish runs all over? Have you ever travelled a path unseen, uncertain of where the darkness would end? Yes, there could be times when misery does not seem to have an ending. Spiritually speaking, these moments are natural if not requir . . .

In Jesus Name, is Hope

Mihaela Hegstrom October 1, 2018

From faith to hope to hope to love to hope fulfilled to increased faith to great love

What’s in a name? As allusion to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, this query calls to mind that what mattered to Juliet was the person of Romeo. Even if he had any other name, she would still love him. This question triggers simple to complex arguments.

Whil . . .


How to Triumph Over Life Struggles

Mihaela Hegstrom September 25, 2018

Overcoming daily struggles through God’s guidance

The waiting grows increasingly hard;

My heart is heavy with care and is restless

Because all around is much danger and pain,

And I feel weak and powerless.


Struggling to make a decision? Time to change careers, accept a promotion, move on to a new company, or move to a new city? There . . .

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