The Mysteries of My Soul by Mihaela S. Hegstrom

The Mysteries of My Soul

AboutThe Mysteries of My Soul

A collection of poems in praise and prayer for the Almighty Father. Reflecting God’s goodness, the poems speak about God’s undying love and guidance to uplift souls and bring them back to the right path.

Praises in The Storm

AboutPraises in The Storm

Strong and passionate. The poems in Praises in the Storm express the beauty of God’s guidance and love. The words and rhymes will provide readers encouragement and hope to bring harmony, peace, and joy in their soul.

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The Mysteries of My Soul

Praises in The Storm

Mihaela S. Hegstrom

About the Author

Born in Bucharest, Romania, Mihaela S. Hegstrom earned her degree in mechanical engineering and teaching certificate from the Technical University for Civil Engineers–Department of Mechanical Engineering in Bucharest. Her family moved to Chicago in 1979 where he met and married Robert Hegstrom.

Mihaela works as a substitute teacher in a Chicago high school while she wrote the first volume of her two books in Romanian. She and her husband are blessed with two grown-up children and currently reside in Chicago.


The Mysteries of My Soul

I can keep my head high,
With dignity and discretion
Because You have given me value and might
Along with faith and determination.—“Because of You”

Your light helps us to see;
Around us it makes to appear
Life with its wonder and beauty,
Life without any kind of fear.—“The Light”

Wisdom is one of the subjects taught—
Through trails and tests, it is sought
While under God’s protection and plan,
For with God, it began.—“In School”

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Praises in The Storm

The days go by in a row, one by one,
And thus go weeks and months.
In this way, our lives go by continuously,
Carrying with them lots of wonders miraculously.—“The Thought about Eternity”

With enthusiasm and with faith,
In a life of victory,
And when troubles appear,
Do not forget His grace.—“From Childhood”

I searched for You in many places,
Through educated minds,
Through music and song,
And I found You in Your Word.—“I Came to You”

Book copies are available at Litfire PublishingAmazonBarnes and Noble

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