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Satan, the Concealer of Truth

Mihaela Hegstrom October 15, 2018

Satan, Jesus, Truth, and a powerful poetry


It all started with a single lie. Satan deceived one-third of the angels in heaven that angered the Almighty God and cast them all away from His place (Revelation 12:4–9). Since then, Satan, together with his army of corrupt angels, roamed the earth and spread lies and deceit to all of mankind.

Meanwhile, men’s search for truth began since creation. Some men stumble upon the truths of the world, some of human nature, and most of the sensible natural truths of the environment. But there is always that one itch that cannot seem to be scratched—the ultimate truth, the absolute truth.

However, God doesn’t want us to forever be blind from the truth. “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (Jn 8:32). He gave us this insatiable desire to always search for answers and explanations that we hope might lead us to the ultimate truth. But sometimes there seem to be so many truths that contradict with each other; they become the seeds of conflict that create war, crisis, and hostility. These are the works of Satan, the master deceiver and concealer of the truths. He spread his lies so subtly that man unknowingly accepts them as truths and plants the seeds of doubt to those who already embrace the truth.

This takes man further away from finding the ultimate truth. But by the way, what exactly is the truth? This profound question, pondered for so many years, takes me to one of my poems entitled, “What Is Truth?”—to Pontius Pilate’s cynical reply to Christ when He revealed, “That [He] should bear witness unto the truth” (Jn 18:37):

Then Pilate asked Jesus again
“What is truth?” he inquired
Because in himself there was struggle
And between good and evil he was entangled.

His cynicism blinds him from the truth. Or is it that he has his own beliefs of his own truth that he considered the words of Christ as nothing but absurdity. What he left, however, is a question for all time and for all people. And I may have a little something from the poem to spell out its meaning:

What is truth? You ask.
It is the power that destroys evil;
Is the person of Jesus and His word
That attracts us who believe, upward.

As Jesus had declared, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” And, “Everyone who believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” This could be one of the reasons why the deception of Satan. Jesus is the truth and Jesus is the vanquisher of all evil that Satan fears of losing his power over mankind.

Satan may be cunning of his lies and deceit but that is why God sent Jesus—“to testify to the truth.” He would help us see the light in darkness, just as he freed us from our sins. But that is only if we truly open our hearts to the truth, even if it results to the degradation of our pride and our humiliation.

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