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Listen to the Call of our Almighty Savior

Mihaela Hegstrom October 8, 2018

Respond to His call in times of darkness

the Call

Have you ever felt like there is no way out of a place where an extreme sense of anguish runs all over? Have you ever travelled a path unseen, uncertain of where the darkness would end? Yes, there could be times when misery does not seem to have an ending. Spiritually speaking, these moments are natural if not required, for us to grow and attain enlightenment. It is in these moments that silence and meditation is needed. Life struggles are thrown at us so that we realize that we cannot live this life fully without Him. And it is in these times that He is calling us to come nearer to Him. The call that is constant yet unheard, for we sometimes take Him for granted.

Ponder these lines from a humble poem made out of a deep appreciation of the goodness and mercy of God, a poem constructed to help one realize the importance of struggles in our mental and spiritual lives. How can one see and appreciate the goodness of God if he is always wrapped inside the darkness of shallow bliss and foolish consistency?

From foreign and confusing paths
And from deep valleys,
You saved me from wrath
And set me upon Your way.

One can say that it is part of His plan to let us go through such agony, and sometimes, we blame Him for it. It is hard to recognize that these “foreign and confusing paths” and “deep valleys” are just prerequisite to salvation. Or is it? For through these we are reminded of Him, and through these we are being forced to kneel down and to remember who we are and where we come from. This is the time to inspect deep within us why we are here and what we are called for.

From struggles and deep searches,
From ways that seemed right in my eyes,
From painful experiences,
I come to Your beloved heights.

“From ways that seemed right in my eyes” is one striking line which reminds us of our own ways of dealing with things. The ways of mankind that seem right and just however are unruly in the eyes of the Lord. But in the following lines, we are shown an expression of His compassion. We are confined inside our own darkness yet there He is still showing us the way to the light.

You showed me the light
That dissipated the darkness,
And thus, I turned my sight
Toward You and Your kindness.

The call of God draws us near to His ways which are supreme and eternal. But it is up to us in the end to listen to Him. And the path to our damnation might as well be upon us if we ever choose not to. God wants us to be saved from our misery. He lets things happen for a reason. He wants us to see things through to the end. If we managed to make it through, it is then we will discover a better understanding of life, ourselves, and the entire situation.

When was the last time you ever felt alone and left out and thought the darkness would never end? Share them in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you. You can also share them with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads. Also, you may check out my book, The Mysteries of My Soul, for an inspiring collection poems.



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